"Hope is the beginning;
 we are turning hope into reality."

Paul aged 7 and Susan aged 5 lived on the streets of Kiambu, a small town, 23 km north of Nairobi in Kenya. Every day they would search for food and shelter. With their mother in police custody and with no state support they were left to fend for themselves.

Today, Paul and Susan are healthy, well and have started their education at Tumaini. Many children in Kiambu go hungry and cannot afford to go to school. This further deepens the cycle of poverty for future generations.

Alice and David created Tumaini Brooks centre to break the poverty cycle, provide food and education for children in Kiambu. We support them fund raising here in the UK.


In June 1998 David HInga noticed Paul and Susan come into his church. He was so moved by their circumstances that he and his wife Alice took them into their home until their own mother was able to take care of them.

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